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  • I don’t like the shape of my eyebrows +

    Most people tend to over-pluck which means a lack of symmetry and a shape that doesn’t complement your face. Leave the shaping to the experts! It all depends on your specific face shape, and we know just what will look the best.

    Fun Fact: Did you know that oval brows on a long face can actually make the face look longer! Better to go with flatter brows to balance out the face. For more fun facts come see one of our Browrista’s in store!

    The Solution

    Our Cleopatra Browrista’s are available for consultations to tell you what the best brow shape for your face would be. If you’d like us to show you how to shape them yourself, we can do that too.

  • My eyebrows are too skinny, Help! +

    Over-plucked over the years? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Chances are your brows are still growing, so the key is to be patient. We have a few tricks to help you maintain a chic look while growing them back in. Just remember a few fun facts!

    Fun Fact: The middle section of your brows takes much longer to grow back then the bottom of your brows, so just give them a little time and hide away those tweezers.

    The Solution

    Step 1

    You can find these remedies in your kitchen! Use organic Almond Oil, Rosemary and Lavender to stimulate hair growth. Simply dab on your brows with a cotton bud. We recommend working it into your pre-bedtime beauty routine so you can continue to rock makeup worry-free during the daytime.

    Step 2

    Some time has passed and you’ve given your brows the growth they needed. Step 2 means its time to come see us! Our Browrista’s will consult on how to realistically shape your brows depending on their width and length. We’ll make the most of what you’ve got.

    Fun Fact: Remember, the longer you let them grow, the better your results.

    Step 3

    This step is simple, like all parts of your body that grows hair; you need to do one critical step. Maintenance, maintenance and MAINTENANCE! Nurture your brows. Come in, we love to help keep your face groomed to perfection!

  • My eyebrows are too dark +

    Not a natural blonde? Don’t sweat it, your secret is safe with us! If you want to have your eyebrows match your highlights, Cleopatra Browrista’s will help with that too.

    The Solution:

    Book in for our Lightening Service. We’ll lighten you up as far as you want to go. Please do let us know if this is your first time, so we can do a patch test before we proceed. Beauty can be tricky, but safety is our priority!

  • My eyebrows are too light +

    Two things we love, Class and Sass. This just totally covers the Catwalk Look… Translation We LOVE bold brows! Our most popular treatment is Threading completed with a Tint treatment.  The result is clean, mean BOLD eyebrows! Talk about a statement. Don’t worry ladies; we remove the tint almost immediately so that your brows will look lifted without appearing obviously dyed.

    The Solution

    Our Browrista’s will perform a patch test 48 hours in advance of your treatment. You can pop into any brow bar for this and it takes only a couple of minutes. A patch test ensures that you won’t have any sort of allergic reaction to the tint.

  • My lashes are looking sparse, Help! +


    Let your eyes do all the flirting! This means batting those gorgeous lashes of yours. Need some extra OOMF to your look? No problem we are here to help.

    The Solution

    Semi-permanent Lashes! We can place extra lashes and yes with proper care, they will stay put for up to 6 weeks. If you want them to still look natural, we recommend a half set, but if you want that extra OOMF, we love a full set too.

    We understand you beauties have your day-to-day look at work and at home so we offer a variety of lengths as well. Cleopatra makes it possible to have extensions and still look natural. It’s all up to you! Make sure that you come into Cleopatra Brow Bar for a glue patch test at least 48 hours before the treatment.

    Have Blonde eyelashes? We recommend a lash tint before to ensure that your eyelash extensions are the same colour as the single lashes applied. Don’t worry, we got you covered in that department as well.

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